What people say

‘In my role as Group Risk & Insurance Manager at Primo, I engaged Robert Luttrell on a long term project to help improve the company’s risk preparedness. This initially involved developing a framework of documents, including a corporate crisis management plan with incident management plans for each site, plus a much more comprehensive food recall plan.. Robert ran a series of scenario exercises covering a wide range of potential risk events that engaged the attention of key managers and simulated the challenges they might face. As teams became more familiar with the process there was a noticeable improvement in their performance and hence the overall level of risk preparedness. Robert also helped us manage two consumer level recalls, providing invaluable counsel and support. I found him to be very professional, responsive and reliable and would not hesitate to recommend his services.’
– Avi Mudaliar, Risk and Insurance Manager at Lederer Group

‘Premier Beehive NZ Limited and its management team have enjoyed the pleasure and the benefit of working with Robert Luttrell for several years. On the day a mock recall exercise had been scheduled real life took over from the simulation as the team responded to a product contamination issue which led to a full product recall. In this environment Robert was an invaluable aid, coach and adviser to the Recall Coordination Committee. His steady hand under pressure and years of experience working with executive teams in a crisis environment helped ensure the recall was handled with good speed and a sound structured approach. This led to the recall process being completed effectively and with limited disruption to the company and its customer’s business while maintaining the integrity of the brand.’
– John Kippenberger, Managing Director, Premier Beehive NZ Limited

‘The process we went through was very hands on with all the people who would be involved if such a situation occurred, participating. The team was presented with information through the day which they had to assess and determine whether a recall would be required if the situation was real. The team was then required to perform all of the activities which a recall would involve including preparation of press releases, retailer communication and conducting simulated press interviews which were videotaped. Robert set up the simulation, watched the team work, and provided feedback at the end on how we could improve our performance. Thankfully our business has never been involved in an actual recall, however if we ever were, one of the first phone calls I would make would be to Robert. His level of experience and calm approach would be invaluable in any crisis management situation.’ – Julie Weis, Managing Director, Weis Frozen Foods

‘I had the privilege of working with Robert directly during a recent business issue that required an immediate media response plan. In that short time, I found Robert to be a well-grounded professional and business partner who took the time to understand the industry of our business and our operations. Robert demonstrated strong agility to respond quickly to changing circumstances. I have no hesitation in recommending Luttrell and Associates for their valuable contribution in responding to business critical issues.’ Georgina Boumelham, HR Director at Givaudan

‘Sanitarium’s management has worked with Robert Luttrell for over 20 years in the area of issues and crisis management.  His invaluable and insightful advice has greatly assisted our management team during one of Australia’s largest food recalls (So Good in 1998) and the related extortion attempt, various other product recall and corporate issues and media management during a crisis. His legal background coupled with his public relations know-how means Robert’s advice and opinions are highly respected.  Add to this mix his supportive, service orientated approach to business and you will want to have Robert working with you on issues and crisis management.’
– Julie Praestiin, Corporate Communications Manager, Sanitarium

‘We engaged Robert Luttrell to conduct an audit and to review our crisis management procedures. He brought a pragmatic and insightful approach reflecting his widespread experience and deep understanding of the issues involved.  As a result we have streamlined our plans at both the corporate and restaurant level which will help us to respond effectively to any future challenges. It was a pleasure working with him.’
– John Hands, Chief Supply & Information Officer, Collins Food Limited

‘Pernod Ricard Pacific (PRP), maker of wine brands Jacob’s Creek, Montana and Wyndham Estate, has benefited from Robert Luttrell’s wide crisis management experience and outstanding facilitating abilities.  A product recall simulation coordinated by Robert with PRNZ staff challenged our crisis management systems and raised our preparedness to successfully organise a recall, that both minimises the consumer health risks and commercial loss.’ – Don Lester, Innovation and Quality Management Director, Pernod Ricard Pacific